When: February 4th

Where: 353 West 48th Street, Basement

Why: Cause you deserve to have a life that’s more than ordinary

This event is about coming in ready to look at what is holding you back and leaving ready to take your life UP to the next level.

Are you ready to step UP?

Meditation. You’ll get a chance to really look at the YOU you want. Live in that place and experience your best self, the one that can create the life you want.

Journaling. Once you are clear about who you get to be, we plan it out through writing it down. You’ll get it all out of your mind and on to paper so we can create a specific plan that will actually have you achieve it.

Yoga. We then use the yoga to put that plan in your body. We challenge you, move you and see how you are treating your body is a reflection of your life.

Price: $47
Earlybird Price: $25
use the code: Iwantpersonalpowerhttps://nc304.infusionsoft.com/app/orderForms/Personal-Power-Retreat