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Angela Hubbs

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Whenever I enter one of Angela's classes, I not only know that I'm going to get an amazing full-hard workout, but I also know That I'm going to have fun doing it. Between her groovy playlists, her bubbly, encouraging attitude, and he creative, challenging sequences, you can't help but be reminded that a major part of the road to health is o enjoy the journey. Angela clearly embodies this belief. She instructs her students with a contagious passion for mindful breath and movement, and for - in her words - "feeling g0000d". - Jasmine Carsky

Angela Rubin is a very gifted yoga teacher. She is a spirited, caring person who creates a nurturing, challenging environment for the practice of yoga. Her classes are often thematic, with a welcome dash of humor and playfulness, making yoga an experience, not just a class. Angela's adjustments are gentle, facilitating a space for opening and learning. Above all, she is a radiant, positive presence. It is a privilege to be her student. - Roslyn Streifer

Angela is fantastic. There are a select few yoga instructors who can hold my attention for 60-75 minutes of pure joy (admittedly this sometimes includes less joyous moments that are soon forgotten hen I see the results). Her exuberantly positive disposition, personalized attention to students, and expertise in developing sequences and moving the body in safe, effective, and FUN ways keeps it strong and happy year-round and in spite of whatever else may be going on in my life. All I have to do is show up. I can't thank her enough. - Jackie Day

Angela Hubbs is a yoga goddess. She led fifteen adults through a three month Yoga training program, keeping everyone's spirits up while motivating us to push ourselves to places we never thought we could reach. As a teacher, she was patient and creative, developing fun exercises to help us learn what it takes to teach a class. She gave us a thorough understanding of each of the poses and helped us remember the Sanskrit names. I will never forget when Angela gave us a wide-smile avid, complete with jazz hands, told us the Sanskrit for Mountain pose was "TA-DAAAA!!-Sana”.

She brings an unparalleled enthusiasm to her work and a passion for teaching. Her classes were never about showing off and instead were tailored to the groups needs. Whenever we felt stressed or discouraged Angela take time outside of class to sit down and talk with us, giving us encouragement. She taught us to have faith in ourselves She was, and continues to be, a wonderful mentor and I could recommend her for any teacher training program. - Ally Boate

Angela is a great personal trainer. She is always cheerful and encouraging. Her workouts are challenging, but not painful. Her expertise in Yoga and Thai Massage adds variety to our sessions. I would recommend her very highly. - Judy Bigalow

Angela was a dependable and responsible employee. If anyone knows Angela they know that she brings enthusiasm to everything that she does whether professionally or personally. She was a pleasure to work with and the other staff and customers loved her. - Kathryn Nestler

Having had Angela for group Pilates, private Yoga and Personal Training I can say she is awesome at leading and motivating people to achieve their fitness goals! She combines a great personality with skill and knowledge in personal training. - Charlie Michaels

I train privately twice a week with Angela and she is amazing!! She makes every work out fun and interesting, not only by switching up routines but also with her awesome personality. I have scoliosis with rods on my spine and an impinged hip. Angela has helped improve flexibility in both my spine and hip tremendously! Workouts just wouldn't be the same without. - April Luongo

Angela Hubbs is an extremely gifted instructor whose passion and creativity cannot go unnoticed. I had the pleasure of learning from her during a yoga teacher training program where she inspired me every step of the way. She always finds a way to encourage each student while also challenging them to go to new heights. I specifically remember her showing me a better way to assist in downward facing dog. My short stature was making assists with taller people less effective. It would have been easy for me to feel unsuccessful, but Angela could sense my frustration and immediately gave me several options to try. She understands what each student needs which creates such warmth about her. Not to mention that her classes are fantastic! I always leave energized, rejuvenated, and extremely positive. Angela is the instructor to go to and a person to admire. - Morgan Miller

If there is anyone that I could learn from and team with again it would be Angela. Her vast knowledge and beautiful spirit allow her to shine far last any expectations. - Valerie D'Amico

Angela was an unforgettable teacher and influence in my teacher training program. From the moment she walked into class with a big grin on her face to the moment we all filially saw and exclaimed over her matching halo of big, gorgeous hair, she was in every way one of those larger than life teachers we all feel lucky to come across. Her energy and enthusiasm were unflagging and infectious; her knowledge of yoga and teaching fitness of all kinds was staggering, and in general she was just exactly a model for the sort of teacher you'd either want to be or to take classes from to kick your butt into shape. She radiated health and happiness and patience-- basically just a very cool lady who managed to be fun to be around while keeping everyone on task. I benefited from her example both as a teacher for teaching and a teacher of yoga. - Isabella David

Angela is simply the most skilled trainer I’ve ever had—and I've had quite a few. She's also the most encouraging, compassionate, and motivating. I have bad hip problems, and she's figured out a wonderful exercise program for me. And it never gets boring—because she has a bottomless bag of tricks! I may have hip surgery soon—avid I know I'll go into that operating room in the best possible shape, thanks to Angela. She's the best!! - Jo Ann Miller

I have been using Angela as my personal trainer for 2 years! I look forward to our sessions. She has a great, caring personality and inspires me to work harder at my goals! She is devoted to her work and aIways varies our workouts! I always feel relaxed, stretched and more energetic after our sessions! I recommend her highly give Angela 5 stars! - Diane Firestone

I used to be quite the yoga/part time slug. My first day in a 40 Day Yoga challenge, I had the pleasure of taking Angela's noon Vinyasa class. I remember thinking how much fun I was having compared to previous classes. Most yoga classes I've been to were all too serious with the sole purpose, I often found, of making u cry in the end. I'm all about purging my emotions but not every time I take a yoga class. What makes Angela stand out from most is that not only does she make her classes fun but they are quite physically challenging and also inspiring. She has a special way of being able to balance all three of those combinations in her teaching style. I currently just graduated from teacher training myself and as a pupil, you look up to certain teachers you strive to be. Angela was one of them. Therefore, if you would like to be part of a yoga class that brings out your inner child, a class that physically and mentally challenges you as well as a class that inspires both on and off the mat, try one of Angela's Vinyasa class." - Maria Dumpit

I love yoga classes with Angela. Not only is her energy warm, accepting, and inviting, but she also challenged me to explore the edges of my comfort zone. Thank you for your guidance. - Jake Sacks

Angela has been my trainer for the past two years. She has proven to be a dedicated professional. I have been very impressed with her knowledge and at the same time her understanding with regard of my ability to perform. She has sensitivity, knowledge and humor and is easily ready to adapt exercises avid routines to meet my needs and abilities. As a former educator I am impressed by he ability to articulate, demonstrate and adjust the workout. I look forward to working with her and offer my highest recommendation. - Marcia Rivkin

The teacher training program at Mantra Mind Body Studio was very thorough. I looked forward to attending each 6- every class. The knowledge attained was not only beneficial for me to take forward 6- teach my students, but for me to internalize and relate to my own character and integrate into my own practice. This program allowed a lot of practice, individual work, group work avid mentorship from the instructor, Angela avid studio owner, Carla. The women supported our growth avid encouraged us to find our own personalities in our teaching styles. There were no tricks in the final exam; every-thing needed will be covered in the course. Anyone who takes this program and commits to their own personal practice, has potential to be an excellent yoga instructor. - Michelle Aulenti

Mantra Mind Body's 200 hour teacher training was the most comprehensive training I have taken in years. It was fun, inspirational, educational; spiritually, physically and mentally challenging, and most of all empowering. Angela helped me to not take myself and the yoga so seriously. Carla got me do my first handstand (with her spotting me, of course), and one of my classmates got me to do my first Crow pose! With the guidance of Carla and Angela I learned that my niche was "Yoga Dance" and I got to explore teaching and developing that class during the training. I don't think there is any other yoga studio that would have allowed me and encouraged me to follow my passion and each that class for the final teaching exam.

The camaraderie and life long friendships made were one of the most special parts for me. Facing my ears head on because it was such a challenging training helped me to grow as a person, as a yoga teacher, and a psychotherapist. I highly recommend this training and I am so grateful to Angela and Carla for teaching me what they know. Namaste. - Pamela Tinkham MSW, LCSW Owner of Mind Body Fitness, LLC

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