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I began my career as a lifeguard in Woodbridge, Virginia. I was in love with Jane Fonda. I safe guarded my time doing her videos. I even saw myself one day becoming an elite body builder. My goal in life was to be a paramedic by day and an actor by night. I was going to be a star and a hero.

I never did become an elite body builder but I thought being a lifeguard seemed like the perfect entry to being a paramedic as a 15 year old. Fate took over when a water aerobics teacher didn’t show up and there I was. 

“How hard could it be?”, I asked myself. 

I jumped in and a passion for inspiring people to move began. They loved me and I loved them! There I was, now teaching these water aerobics people to breathe deep, move their bodies and sweat it out.

Since then I have taught everything. A sculpt class when the teacher doesn’t show, spin, pilates, meditation and yoga. I have enjoyed every moment of it! 

Since being in high school during my Jane Fonda days, I have gone from a dress size 14 to a 4. I went from not being able to run a mile to becoming a Sponsored Ironman triathlete. 

My mission is to have future leaders live a life that is extraordinary in a body that they love. My life is about YOU waking up on a monday morning excited about your life. Through trial and error I have learned what helped me create a full and healthy life and I continue to grow everyday. It isn’t just about your body. It’s about creating a life that has you be your best self. Its about creating  every moment being fulfilled and fully expressed as you shine through your day. It isn’t easy but its simple and you don’t have to do it alone!

I am now known as one of the most positive and inspiring fitness professionals in NYC. I speak all over the country inspiring people to step into their greatness. It’s my commitment and zeal to having you live a life less ordinary in a body you love that sets me apart. After almost 20 years in the fitness industry, after teaching everything from water aerobics to yoga, I use my skills to empower people to conveniently better their lives through movement by one-on-one training and group coaching virtually and in person, and through events and retreats.  

My virtual work serves people in the privacy of their own home with the purpose of making health and happiness as convenient and as pain free as possible. I’ve helped many six and seven figure business owners get pain free, regain confidence and health that shows up in productivity, sales and revenue. I’ve helped corporations do the same.

The truth is you can’t have the life of your dreams if you don’t take care of your body! I am more than a trainer, I’m a guide, a friend, a partner that holds you to your best self as you walk the path to health. 



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